Today, the freedom of man, as a subject of entertainment, is the freedom of choice, and not the freedom to change the conditions of choice. People who are in conditions of detention turn out to be disconnected from the collective patterns of the imaginary. The power emanating from the nature of things is transformed by the nature of digital things, dominated by the logic of algorithms. “Zone” is a game of voluntary  confinement. This is the emancipation of the imperious regime of imprisonment by digital means in order to open a space in which you can not enjoy. The free space of the room is outlined by the chaperone boundaries of virtual reality. The game is possible only in this space. The game score is the time spent in this zone wearing virtual reality glasses. The position of the glasses is controlled by sensors. When you take off glasses, the game ends. When you go abroad, the game ends. The player simultaneously becomes a prisoner of virtual boundaries of the free space of his own room and virtual communication.

The installation is a visiting room. Visitors to the exhibition can meet the player (the author of the project) by entering the room and wearing glasses. The virtual space was created inside the VRChat social platform. Users of this platform can also become visitors. Strict turning off and on the lights in the virtual world helps to maintain the daily routine. The player's avatar is made based on his photogrammetry. After the author, 4 more people tested their strength. During the game, the virtual space and the space of the player's real room can be watched online on the twitch channel