In 2015, my lovely friends gave me a korg volca bass, which I have been using for 6 years in a non-standard way. Instead of bass lines, I extract chirps of electronic birds, exploding virtual bubbles, and so on. This is how this album began. It contains my treasures for 4 years. In my opinion, this is pure pop and very Russian. Sometimes it confused me. But then I realized that this is just his trick. It contains joy, pain, love, hatred and pacification collected over this long period. During this time I moved to Moscow and was able to change my perception of the world. I learned a little about what contemporary art is, changed the circle of interests and communication. And this album came out somehow by itself. Because he could not help but come out. As if without my special involvement.

The first sketch was meaningfully done for the Ecojam Roots game. Later it was finalized and released on the Bio Future label.

Sometimes natural bird signals seem to me synthetic, sophisticatedly processed by the virtuoso of software plug-ins. Their songs are based on several species-specific mini-semles. I wanted to break the recognizable patterns of bird songs in order to create a new sound pattern using a digital environment, based entirely on natural sound. In the composition "Andy" I used field recordings of the forest, during the period when the singing of nightingales is most active, recordings of domestic budgies, granular synthesis and the sounds of artificial intelligence from the project of Elena Nikonole, obtained from the analysis of nightingale songs. The original composition is eight-channel, I am posting an adapted stereo version.

At Берлин зовёт! Фестиваль фильмов из Берлина/Berlin'short I put on a mix of my favorite soundtracks. This is completely unformatted music and I didn't even hope for such support! Many approached and expressed gratitude, people did not disperse, but on the contrary, everyone gathered. And this crowd sat and listened almost in silence. This was the most enjoyable moment of that month. Thanks to my new friends from Berlin, whom we met by chance. Without them this event would not have taken place Anna-Chr. La Fritz Freiluft. Therefore, for those who are interested and those who could not get there, I post his record (of course, slightly modified).