AR carpet, 2023

‘Merge’ is an interactive project, inspired by the work of Ada Lovelace, a pioneer in programming.

Ada Lovelace’s connection to weaving holds significant importance for her scientific legacy.She conceptualized algorithms for Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine, an early mechanical general-purpose computer, drawing inspiration from the workings of looms. This intricate weaving process influenced her understanding of algorithms, leading to the development of universal principles at the foundation of modern programming.

This synergy between weaving and computing is pushed even further in the project. Artificial neural networks have been employed to develop a unique carpet pattern that houses embedded QR codes.Upon scanning, these codes unlock distinct segments of augmented reality, each telling its own story, giving voice to various experiences, memories, and narratives. The AR elements are created using photogrammetry technique.

In a fusion of tradition and innovation, fiber optic cables, akin to those used in internet networks, are woven directly into the fabric of the carpet. This integration represents a tangible embodiment of the virtual connections that bind us in the digital age. It symbolizes how we weave technology into the fabric of our everyday lives.

Thus, the carpet transforms into an interactive platform, an open canvas for the exchange of stories and impressions. Despite physical distance, people can meet through this carpet and share a part of their world. This project explores human interaction in the digital age, creating a space where digital and physical realities converge, and narratives from the artist’s personal history are interwoven.

Like the internet, the carpet represents a closely connected community, bound by the threads of shared stories and experiences. This project adds new dimensions to our understanding of how old crafts such as weaving can be combined with advanced technologies to tell stories in new and engaging ways. This carpet becomes a new interface between individuals, traditions, and technologies.